What are hands-on labs?

Hands-On Labs are real, scenario-based experiences that allow learners to practice as they go.

You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that had never touched a car. And you wouldn’t entrust your health to a doctor that had only watched videos about surgery.

Instantly deployed, browser-based labs test knowledge and build real experience without compromising systems, adding risk or incurring extra costs. Our labs allow for real-time trial and error in a safe environment.

Only Linux Academy Hands-On Labs foster deeper and faster learning, by doing. Practice new skills in real time for real results.

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Hands-On Labs from Linux Academy

Hands-On Labs are:

  •  Practical, scenario-based applications
  •  Supplemental to video content- learn it, then do it
  •  Safe for use in a company or home network
  •  Available in all paid memberships
  •  Created through cloud accounts, we provide
  •  Instantly accessible, from anywhere

Hands-On Labs are NOT:

  • Theory-based

  • Stand-alone videos

  • Created outside of Linux Academy

  • An add-on feature to a paid membership

  • Tied to a specific operating system or location

  • Files to download

Only Linux Academy Hands-On Labs foster deeper and faster learning by doing. Practice new skills in real time for real results.
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Linux Academy is...

The #1 rated Learn-by-Doing, multicloud training platform, and the Hands-On Lab pioneers. Since 2011 we’ve provided self-paced courses, access to expert Training Architects, a massive library of courses, and real scenario-based environments for learners of all skill levels. 

With hundreds of thousands of active learners, we are passionately foster a growing, passionate, and helpful community. We believe that access to innovative and affordable resources can change lives, and we’d love to help you change yours, for the better.

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